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Flora & Fauna

  • Look Around You.

    A smaller series of two, inspired by such things as Dutch Masters still lifes, Flemish tapestries, Eastern calligraphy, Japanese folding screens, and the mythological in the everyday. For Mom, for Dad, for Jane, for Larry. Animal lovers and vegetarians alike, welcome. Printed in California with golden metallic touches, similar to those used in the Cities series, but thrown for a colourful loop. Just another way of looking at the world.

  • Flora.

    Flora : On the reverse is a quote by American writer and wordplayer, Willard R. Espy, "All flowers are flirtatious - particularly if they carry hyphenated names."

  • Golden Hours.

    Details, details, details.

  • Fauna.

    Fauna : According to Hobbes, from artist Bill Watterson's CALVIN AND HOBBES, "Van Gogh would've sold more than one painting if he'd put tigers in them."

  • Grrr!

    Can you find the squirrel?

AlphaZeta: Bodies of Water

  • Look Closer.

    A new series of work where each set focuses on a single theme and a single letter : AlphaZeta P : Bodies of Water. In this instance, using photography to explore the character and personality of water in different contexts at different scales in different light. The longitude and latitude of each photo location is on the reverse. Three of them are found in the Bay Area of California, but abstract enough to read like a dictionary.

  • Pond.

    Pond : Depicts a scene found in a popular Northern Bay Area town in western Marin County.

  • Pool.

    Pool : A little more abstract, a little sexier. Memories of early morning swim practice, or summers with the family on the hottest day of the year, the image looks on a well-loved setting.

  • Puddle.

    Puddle : The most surprising image of the batch, but the depth of the warm dark plays really well with the foil. Plus, who doesn't love the word "puddle?"

  • Pacific.

    Pacific : For the tourist and explorer in all of us. Another dramatic North Bay image, thinking back on old sailors' tales and epic hikes along the coast.

  • Gold+Coast.

    Each card is gold-foiled with the word for that image, set off by a matte finish.

Punc. Season

  • Good All Year

    Gifts under the tree are great. But what about Thanksgiving - or Easter, or that birthday that takes place during that month you're not quite sure about? Be prepared with a set in your pocket book for any event. Kill 'em with kindness with an elegant note after a brusque election cycle. Or drop one in the mail to someone who needs a reminder to breathe. Printed in San Jose, California with gold foil finishes on a gradient background.

  • Spring!

    Each design interprets the character and spirit of a season through the forms of typographic punctuation marks. Spring : There are few things more exciting!

  • Sum/mer

    Summer : Slash marks recall wild grasses in dunes at the seashore - on Lake Michigan, along Cape Cod, and in the bright, hazy light of the California coast.

  • Fall.

    Autumn : A period hangs off the horizon like a low sun in November. Look closely at the imperfectly round edge. Most type exhibits variances depending on how it was designed to hug or sit on the page.

  • *Winter

    Winter : Asterisks signify other meanings and intentions - appropriate, given the multiple and layered claims made on the season by every culture.

  • Details?

    Individually, the blush of color on each card is quite subtle. But held against the right background or in the right light, it sharpens as the gold shimmers.

Elementals II

  • What's Your Sign?

    In between longer term projects like reconstructing cities in miniature and trying to find interesting factoids to design around, it can be liberating to roam into the metaphysical. Virtually every ancient civilization attempted to explain the material and internal realms through four basic elemants - with surprising overlap and consistency. Through the "personalities" of each, they read the minds and hearts of gods and lovers. Know a Virgo, or someone particularly fiery? We all do.

  • Earth

    Earth represents solidity, intertia, practicality, caution, and materiality. It has weight and implies a certain seriousness of character.

  • Air

    Air represents expansion, mobility, blood, light, and communication. It can sometimes conjur a flighty, freewheeling party attitude. No judgements.

  • Fire

    Fire represents energy, termperature, destruction, ardour, and faith. And well, we all love playing with fire.

  • Water

    Water represents fluidity, cohesion, softness, melancholy, and empathy. It's good to be sensitive. Just don't let it overwhelm you.

  • Alchemy

    Gold has been credited with magical powers and is basically fortune itself. Alchemists had tried to harness and replicate its power for ages before chemistry and reason took over. Still, it continues to have that certain magical quality. Colour's good, too.

transCON: Bay Area

  • Road Trip Anyone?

    Familiar, but kind of new? transCON is a series of maps inspired by the rational clarity of public transport diagrams from around the world. Drawn from regional routes and highways and the major/minor cities woven into those networks. Offset printed in San Jose, California. 12" x 18"

  • Here!

    GPS? SatNav? Other ModCons? Great. You'll still need them for turn by turn directions. Think of this as a comprehensive quick glimpse into where you might go. Curious? Of course you should.

  • Ah, Memories.

    Part utilitarian souvenir, part travel poster, once you're back home, think of this as a way to remember or a reminder to get going.


    Fold it, frame it, toss it in the bag. Designed to be special but not precious, make good use of it. Enjoy every twist, turn, and crumpled page. Look forward and fondly.

transCON: Southern California

  • On the Road Again?

    New, 2018! Next in the transCON series of maps inspired by public transport diagrams : Southern California. Drawn from regional routes and highways and the major/minor cities woven into those networks. Offset printed. 12" x 18"

  • Yes.

    Another comprehensive look at where you've been and where you're headed.

  • Lots to Do.

    Los Angeles is really busy, and its sprawl is legendary.

  • Nostalgic & New.

    Designed to be functional, but with an eye towards a fun kind of modernism.


    Start a collection and still toss it in the bag. More to come.

SF Series: Tote

  • In the Bag

    Based on artwork designed for the SF Series of prints and cards, the lightweight tote comes in a sky colour that shifts blue to grey, depending on the light — a lot like weather in the Bay Area. Made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, the bags are single-seamed and measure 15" x 17" with 24" handles. They were screen printed locally in San Francisco using a brightened version of International Orange, which also shifts between more red and more orange.

  • Inspired by the city's icons, including its weather, the bag is an affectionate tribute and a casual reminder. By the coast, up a hill, next to an old house, find yourself in an old memory. Toss in a favorite sweater and a change of clothes and you're off on a good day. Repeat.

Prints: Terra Series

  • Where

    "Coastal, North C." An interpretation of land, sea, and air. Trying to capture a sense of an idea of what you're looking at. An abstraction, but a picture. Silkscreened in batches of no more than 20 prints at a time, the prints measure 12"x19", with a image area roughly 9"x13". Acrylic ink on smooth bristol.

  • "Coastal, North C." Detail, gold ink.

  • There

    "Coastal, South C." Somewhere a little more urban, a little more modern, but still in a kind of dialogue with the light and the land. Somewhere also kind of fun.

  • "Coastal, South C." Detail.

  • "Coastal, South C." Also in a charcoal colour mixed from black, white, and a hint of gold.

  • "Coastal, South N." Charcoal colour.

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